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Today we discuss about “Dingtone” it is free internet calling apps in World wide. Only you have to make some credits in it that too absolutely free of cost. If you want to get more credits in bulk. You just have to pay some money for it, and you get a lot of credits together, you can also collect money free after play games in it without any installation and covering any internal spaces in your phone ( Device ).

How to get Free credits ?

To get free credits you have to do daily check-ins and watch videos, & invite your friends to collect free credits. And if you call with your Dingtone friends you have been not charged for it. You have to invite your friends for it.

How to check-in ?

Open your Dingtone app click on more button then tap on get free credits option. then click on daily check in & I’m feeling lucky.

Click on more button
Then collect your free Rewards

How to download the App ?

You can get it either from “Google Playstore ” or this link which i given in this post. App Link (Dingtone) :-

Get extra Bonus credits ?

If you download using this Referral link you can earn some points. & refer to your friends to get up to 1000 of free credits.

Play Games and win free Credits ?

After Opening the Dingtone app you have to click on you have t go in messages section as I showed in image below.

Tap on messages

After clicking on messages, you can check when, how & from where and how much you earn. Also you can get games option and how to increase credits you can get tutorial for it . & how to make call you also get option there.

Click here to know how to play games

For play games You have to click and enter in “Win 100 Cedits in New Game!” After entering in “Win 100 Cedits in New Game!” you have displayed this type of interface. Then there is 4 types of games.

  • Knife Hit
  • Plant Fruit
  • Adopt your Dingtone cat And the latst is…
  • Reward coins.

If you playing Knife Hit you have to complete 10 levels without losing. In this game you have 3 chances given to complete game. If you lose it then again you can play the game tomorrow.

Now com in Plant Fruits here you can get free check-ins and watch video and many more option for earn.

Game Link for Plant Fruits :-

Now when you come in Adopt your Dingtone Cat in this game here also youu can get free check-ins, feed the cat, invite friends, treasure hunt, prize wheel and watch video and many more option for earn credits. This is my one of the favorite in this game.

Game Link for Adopt your Dingtone Cat :-

Now our last game is on Mathematical question’s related some basic questions and each and every session you have to give 10 answers at one time and you can play it infinite times in a day and after playing you will receive a rewards that rewards you can convert into credits.

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